Welcome to

Western Springs

Welcome to Western Springs


Western Springs is a feel-good community within (a clear day) view of downtown Chicago.

The Neighbors

Western Springs is home to over 13,000 different kinds of people that call it home.

What to Expect

Community pool packed summers and a race to in-town weekend dinner reservations at one of the many dining options help to deliver the dream of suburban living.

The Lifestyle

An active and family-centered lifestyle creates an atmosphere many dream of. Many of the neighborhood-embedded parks see an abounding amount of daily activity.

Unexpected Appeal

The strong sense of community and neighborly spirit in Western Springs is a cherished aspect, fostering a welcoming and tight-knit environment for residents to enjoy.

The Market

With its picturesque streets, excellent schools, and convenient location, it has become a desirable destination to live. The market offers a mix of architectural styles, catering to a variety of preferences.

You'll Fall in Love With

The small-town charm and sense of community will capture your heart.

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